Smart Thermal Detector with floor stand

$3,850.00 inc GST


Smart Thermal Detector
Perform contactless and automatic body temperature screening to quickly identify abnormal temperature symptoms BEFORE further staff & student integration.
Quadient’s Smart Thermal Detector uses an anti-glare display with integrated HD camera, thermal and distance sensors plus environmental thermometer to deliver an accurate and consistent reading every time eliminating human error with absolute privacy.
Option:to use stand alone person by person basis OR assign staff/child swipe cards that can assign individual credentials onto the card for tracking, recording and analysing your workplaces entry statistics (encrypted)
Range of mounting options to accommodate all age and height requirements (desktop swivel, mobile stand and fixed height options)

Built-in Wi-Fi and LAN connections
Screen size: 10.2 inch iPS Display
CPU/OS: Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.2 GHz / Android 7.1
Dimensions: L 38 cm x W 24cm
NFC RFID Frequency: 13.56 MHz mifare 1 s50,s70 / mifare Ultra-Light, /mifare Pro, mifare desfire
Weight: 1.5kg
Power Consumption: 12w

Floor stand is height adjustable from 120-172cm
Top bracket is angle adjustable by 15 degrees
Base 27*40cm