Hag Tribute 9021 Exec Elmosoft EL33004 150kg



The Hag Tribute 9021. Easy-to-use luxury task chair that allows excellent freedom of movement. Features the unique HÅG inBalance® technology - with a smooth backward and forward tilt function. S-curved back supports the body’s natural curvature and reduces tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Active upper back move forward to support you as you recline. Fully integrated lumbar support is easy to personalize. Smart HÅG TiltDown armrests with black leather tops (matching leather tops when chair is in leather) as standard - allow you to sit close to your desk.
Designed by Svein Asbjørnsen. sapDesign®
No Headrest
Seat depth adjustment.
Seat height adjustment.
Adjustable lumbar support.
HÅG inBalance® (balanced, flowing tilt function backwards and forwards)
Adjustable forwards and backwards tilt resistance
Tilt lockable in three positions
Standard Gaslift: 150mm (Seat height: 387-525 mm)
Five star base (Ø740 mm) with sloping footplates, in matt black aluminium
Upgrade: Universal Castors 65mm
Upgrade: HÅG TiltDown armrests (tilt down, height and width) with matching leather top for chair in leather
Seat Rating: 150kg
Warranty: 10 years limited

Fully upholstered: Elmosoft Leather, colour: EL33004