Hag Creed 6006 HB Elmosoft EL33004 150kg

$3,358.00 inc GST
$2,769.00 inc GST


The HÅG Creed combines classic design with smart functionality, is user-friendly, and features our unique centre-tilt mechanism - HÅG inBalance®.
In 2019 the legacy continues via the HÅG Creed. Combining the best of the highly successful HÅG Credo/H04 and HÅG H05, it embraces the classic
Clean design, superior comfort and user-friendliness people have come to expect from HÅG.
The HÅG ingenious 4-in1 adjustment wheel make it easily adaptable for any person or situation.
Powered by the HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, the chair instinctively follows every shift of position you make, no matter how slight. In doing so, it encourages the continuous movement of your legs while you work, leading to you having more energy and focus.
Designed by Peter Opsvik

Creed 6006 High backrest and is fully upholstered.
No Headrest
No Arms
Foam Choice: Standard Foam
Seat height can be adjusted.
Seat depth, backrest height and tilt resistance can be adjusted simultaneously. HÅG inBalance® technology ensures more subconscious movement. Both back height and tilt resistance can be overridden and the tilt is lockable.
HÅG inBalance® (balanced, flowing tilt function backwards and forwards).
4 in 1 adjustment wheel: seat depth, back height and forward and backward tilt resistance can be adjusted simultaneously (backrest height and tilt resistance can also be adjusted separately).
Standard 150 mm gas lift (Seat height: 390-515 mm).
Metal Colour: Black
Five star base (Ø730 mm) in aluminium with curved/arched footplates in Black painted
50mm Castors for hard or soft flooring need to be specified at time of order.
Seat Rating: 150kg
Warranty: 10 years limited. Normal use: 8 - 9 hours/5 days week.

Fabric Choice: Elmosoft Leather, colour: EL33004


Optional extras: POA
Polished foot base, 200 and 265 mm gas lift and armrests (with or without HÅG SwingBack)
HÅG SwingBack armrests
Castors for hard or soft flooring need to be specified at time of order.