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Postura Max 6 H460*W375/470mm


  • Superior pressure support curves (Ischial-Pressure-Release system)
  • Extra large lumbar air ventilation in the backrest
  • New flexing air bridge supporting the seat
  • A wider seat, now offering additional width & space
  • Perfectly engineered/sculptured waterfall edge
  • Anti-rocking system, designed to resist rocking backwards

    Colours available for sizes 2-6:
    Red, Blue, Slate
    Slate in stock
  • Option POA:
    Pine lime, Aqua, Grape, Jaffa,
    school stamp

    • Max 1: 260mm
    • Max 2: 310mm
    • Max 3: 350mm
    • Max 4: 380mm
    • Max 5: 430mm
    • max 6: 460mm

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