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Futu Chair 1020 Adjustable Arms

Description: HÅG Futu was presented with the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence in 2009. The award recognises achievements where design is used to create innovative products and solutions.
Dynamice ergonomy HÅG Futu is the first chair to incorporate our inBalance technology. inBalance is a floating seat mechanism that ensures that you sit comfortably and in balance regardless of whether you are short and light or tall and heavy. The chair follows your every movement – whether you stretch back or lean forward over your desk. And best of all, you’re in control of the chair, not the other way around. Ever wondered what the best position to sit in is? It’s always the next one! An ergonomic chair is one that follows you naturally into your next seating position. It should heed the body’s movements, both small and large, and stay still when the body wants it to, just like HÅG Futu does.
10 year guarantee.

• With the advanced HÅG in Balance® technology, HÅG Futu works to intuitively keep you in balanced motion without you having to think about it. • Designed to be in harmony with its surroundings, free for long dominating levers and unattractive adjustment wheels.
• User-friendly and well suited for multi-user office environments.
• Adjustable seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, tilt resistance/HÅG in Balance®, lockable tilt, armrest height and armrest width

Was: $1090
Now: $545

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Capisco Chair 8106,SaddleSeat F1

Capisco Chair 8106,SaddleSeat F1


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